The Career Of Larry Baer At Giants

Larry Baer is the current SF Giants CEO and is known for his professional insights on sports especially Baseball. He is an alumnus of both UC Berkeley and Harvard Business School. The Giants CEO is an avid reader of President Obama’s memoir and a firm believer that the United States can achieve unity and prosper.

Career Life

Larry Baer first joined the San Francisco Giants in 1980 while pursuing his undergraduate degree at the University of California. He worked as the club’s marketing director until he sought to further his studies at Harvard University. The Giants CEO’s passion for sports made his return to the Giants in 1992 as its executive president after working in the media industry.

He worked with Peter Magowan to form a group that would keep the Giants in their hometown.

His Roles at Giants

His role was so invaluable that he was named Chief Operating Officer in 1996, team president in 2008, and later CEO in 2012. As SF Giants CEO his functions include responsibility for the daily running of the Giants Franchise. For example, he was responsible for the construction of AT&T Park.

He also functions as the Giant’s point person on all issues relating to the sports industry and the team. The team won their second World Series Championship, in his first year as Giants CEO. The Giant’s club has also received fan support with over 8 consecutive years of selling out all its tickets. Refer to this article for related information.

Larry As a Negotiator Working As The Head of the Giants

Larry Baer also has the role of being the core negotiator of the Giant’s business and sports activities. For example, he oversaw the naming rights with AT&T in 1996. This also includes the signing of key strategic players that assist in developing a winning streak for the club.


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