Philip Belamant’s Mobile Technology Innovations

Philip Belamant, a renowned entrepreneur in mobile technology, is the founder and CEO of Zilch, an e-commerce firm valued at $27 billion. Zilch dominates the Buy Now, Pay Later market with innovative payment products. As a technologist, Philip Belamant develops financial products that improve people’s lives. Belamant has consistently disrupted the market by creating innovative products to revolutionize the credit payment industry.

Early Childhood and Education

Philip Belamant passion for technology started during his early childhood through his father, a technology expert. Belamant’s father provided him with technological insights and taught him how to run a company. They developed mobile games, which motivated him to start a mobile firm immediately after earning his degree. He studied for a degree in information technology, which allowed him to learn about emerging technologies.


Before Zilch, Belamant founded PBel, a firm that revolutionized the mobile gaming industry in the South African market by offering value-added mobile payment services. Initially, Philip Belamant wanted to develop games on phones. Later, Philip Belamant realized that users showed more interest in airtime competition than playing mobile games. Belamant changed his company’s objective to focus on mobile payment technology. This decision marked a significant turning point for the firm. PBel experienced rapid growth and became the largest airtime reseller in Namibia within four months.


PBel partnered with other firms in more than 27 countries in Africa, building its reputation across the continent. The company launched virtual airtime-based cards in partnership with Mastercard. Virtual airtime allows people to buy essentials items, including clothing, food, and airtime via mobile phones without traveling long distances. Besides, PBel’s partnership with Uber eliminate the need to carry cash. Belamant combined payment and mobile technology to provide clients with convenience and value. Besides, the company has earned clients’ trust through a customer-centric model..

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