Joseph Ashford Ellis, K4 Global C.E.O

Joseph Ashford Ellis is an entrepreneur, investor and owner of K4 Global with its headquarters located in Bournemouth, England. He has been working his way up the ladder in the business world throughout his career to become one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs. He is a Bournemouth native. Joseph Ashford has a master’s degree in financial management. Before starting his company, Ashford worked for some of the world’s top investment banks. He started his career as an analyst at JP Morgan Securities, but he moved to Deutsche Bank after only a few months.

Ashford worked for two years there before moving to Citigroup. He liked how Citigroup allowed him to work on different assignments and handle a range of tasks. In 2006, Ashford opened his first business called K4 Development. The idea behind K4 Development was to help advise and develop small businesses in the UK and SE Asia. He began the company believing that many small businesses in the UK could be supported.

One of Ashford’s first projects was to work on a real estate project. Joseph Ashford Ellis helped the client strategize, plan and set up a management team to run the business. It was a very successful project, which led Ashford to work with more clients in the property market.

His company has a mission to connect investors in Asia and the UK. The company also works to help UK companies expand their products and services into Asian markets. K4 Global has worked with hundreds of clients who want to grow their brands globally. K4 Global has also worked with clients to improve the way they live.

Joseph Ashford Ellis launched a project called “Dunkirk Spirit” that helped British veterans to use their skills and experience to help the community. The project was awarded a community and business award.