Gary McGaghey Prolific Career

As a chief financial officer and Group CFO, Gary McGaghey has a plethora of knowledge.

Gary McGaghey joined the PE Group and Advent International’s Williams Lea Tag. As a global Chief Financial Officer, Gary McGaghey has a lot of experience. He has led a number of businesses through substantial transformations as CFO or in a similar role.

Moreover, Gary started his career working for Robertsons Homecare and Robertsons Foods as well as the sales representative. He held different positions as Chief Operating Officer, Vice President, and Executive Board of Directors at these firms. In addition, McGaghey worked for these companies for over nine years, and at this time, he achieved his greatest career achievement. McGaghey had also helped Unilever negotiate a smooth departure in 2003 when the company was moving away from its group. Between March 1993 and March 2002, McGaghey worked at Nelsons Robertsons and Unilever. McGaghey spent three years at Unilever Bestfoods Robertsons before the company was purchased. Besides, he had worked with Unilever South Africa, Unilever Pepsi, and Lipton.

McGaghey has held positions as Group Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Finance, and the Chief Financial Officer in different businesses throughout his career. McGaghey was Nelsons’ CFO for over two years, switching between Williams Lea Tag and Unilever. Gary McGaghey received his schooling at the Universities of South Africa and Natal. Gary also holds a business administration bachelor’s and master’s degree. Moreover, his professional in chartered Management Accountant is also one of his fundamental achievements in life.

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