Philip Belamant’s Mobile Technology Innovations

Philip Belamant, a renowned entrepreneur in mobile technology, is the founder and CEO of Zilch, an e-commerce firm valued at $27 billion. Zilch dominates the Buy Now, Pay Later market with innovative payment products. As a technologist, Philip Belamant develops financial products that improve people’s lives. Belamant has consistently disrupted the market by creating innovative […]

Miki Agrawal Disrupting The Future of Industries

Miki Agrawal is an accomplished entrepreneur and successful businesswoman. She has also made waves as a writer and is most known for authoring various books, including Do Cool Shit and Disrupt-her. The individual prides herself in scouting viable opportunities integral in disrupting industries. Does the name Miki Agrawal click in your mind so far? Well, […]

Why QNET is Incorporating Social Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is an important strategy that every other organization should make sure that it has incorporated in its industrial operations. Having corporate social responsibility does not mean that the company is interested in demonstrating its focus to the community through its products and services. It is a standard approach that gives companies an […]

The Humble Beginnings of Richard Liu

Richard Liu is a renowned businessman and founder of Since the company got started in the year 2004, Richard has been the CEO and chairman. The company was formerly known as Jingdong, and 360buy Ltd. Liu is a Chinese citizen born and blend in Jiangsu province, Chan’an village. His village lacked social amenities, including […]

No Excuse Not To Go PosiGen Solar Now

PosiGen Solar is making it possible for anyone to afford solar for their home. With both lease and purchase options available, homeowners now have more freedom than ever to choose the best way to go solar. Purchase options at PosiGen offer financing plans available, as well. What more could you possibly need? Now is a […]