M Patrick Carroll Continuing Professional Plans in the Real Estate Niche

CARROLL is a name that is well-known in the real estate scope. Founded and spearheaded by M Patrick Carroll, the company has climbed the ladder to carve a well-curated portfolio. Initiated in 2004, CARROLL has pursued numerous investment opportunities in the multi-housing niche across the United States. The Atlanta-based company has recently expanded its industry […]

Krishen Iyer, an Entrepreneur

Venturing in business is one of the best forms of investment you can consider. Krishen Iyer has become a common name in entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Investing in business has changed many people’s lives because it is not a short term investment, but a long term investment. Krishen Iyer was born in California. He went […]

ZeroAvia Builds Its Brand in Air Travels

Val Miftakhov, who established the autonomous car battery firm, eMotorWerks, founded ZeroAvia in 2017. Enel, a multinational energy giant, purchased eMotorWerks before launching the aviation company. Miftakhov from ZeroAvia then saw the chance to fulfill his goal of flying planes while simultaneously electrifying and revolutionizing profitable air shipment. ZeroAvia was founded to become an excellent […]

Vik Bansal Shares His Thoughts On Australia’s Manufacturing Sector Recovery Post-Pandemic

Vik Bansal is one of the celebrated business leaders internationally. Current, he’s the CEO of InfraBuild, Australia’s leading steel producer, recycler, and supplier. Australia’s manufacturing sector was among those highly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the moment, the pandemic is gradually ending, and the industry is embarking on getting to its former state. According […]

Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a well-known executive who works in the financial services industry. He is the current principal and chief executive officer of Fortress Investment Group. Over the last two decades, Briger has established himself as one of the more successful professionals in the financial services field. Briger has spent many years at top investment […]

How Quality Decision Making Has Helped M Patrick Carroll to Remain Successful in the Property Market

In every industry, making the right decisions is the difference between succeeding and failing. Those individuals who have been making the right decisions in the business have been very successful. However, those who have not been making the right decisions have always struggled to achieve their intended objectives in the market. Today, it is very […]

Why QNET is Incorporating Social Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is an important strategy that every other organization should make sure that it has incorporated in its industrial operations. Having corporate social responsibility does not mean that the company is interested in demonstrating its focus to the community through its products and services. It is a standard approach that gives companies an […]