An In-Depth Look at Brandon Taubman and Career in Data Analytics

Ask anyone curving their career path, and they will tell you that it is not an easy risk to move across industries. However, that does not apply to Brandon Taubman. Not only has he moved across three different industries, but also he has made a lasting impact in each of the industries. He has worked in investment banking, sports management, and real estate management. The systematic approach to career decisions is constant in his career move.

Data Has Been the Driving Force

Data has always been core for Taubman in his personal and professional pursuits. He gravitated to formulas that influenced his decisions, schoolwork, and hobbies as a young boy. He studied at Cornell University, where he got a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Economics and Management. He later embarked on professional data balancing speculation because this was a necessary skill in multiple industries. By profession, Taubman is a data scientist with over 15 years of experience.

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Taubman at Stablewood Properties

Brandon Taubman excelled in sports management and financial management and made his way into the real estate industry. He works with Stablewood Properties, which is out of Houston. The company is distinct due to combining real estate with advanced data analytics. At Stablewood Properties, Brandon Taubman serves as the Chief Information Officer. Stablewood Properties seeks to infuse data analytics into real estate investment as a data-infused real estate investment.

Due to his experience in different analysis applications, Taubman brings in his risk mitigation and decision-making expertise. He recommends firm-wide technologies and manages them accordingly. His position differentiates him from other CIOs and separates Stablewood from other real estate companies.

Before being a part of Stablewood Properties, he worked a Houston Astros, leading the data analytics team as an Assistant General Manager. He led the scouting departments and influenced major arbitration hearings and trade negotiations decisions.

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