ZeroAvia to be Supplied with Green Hydrogen for New HyFlyer II Project by Octopus Hydrogen

ZeroAvia aviation company, a hydrogen aviation pioneer, has entered a partnership with Octopus Hydrogen in order to create zero emissions commercial flights. Octopus Hydrogen, a newly established branch of Octopus Energy Group, will be providing 100 per cent green hydrogen for the aviation company´s  HyFlyer II project. The HyFlyer II project from ZeroAvia aims to be a zero emission commercial flight with 19 seats and a range of 500 nautical miles.


A Zero Emissions Future


ZeroAvia seeks to make zero emissions aviation a possibility in order to help reduce the carbon footprint caused by commercial flights. By using 100 percent green hydrogen their goals can come into fruition through the use of hydrogen-electric powertrain technology. Hoping to be on the market in 2024, this promising technology could help to reduce global warming and other harmful effects of carbon emissions caused by aviation. ZeroAvia continues to be a leader in developing new zero emissions aviation technology and their HyFlyer II project is the next step in larger scale usage of the hydrogen-electric powertrain technology as seen in the Hyflyer I project.


A Promising Partnership

With the continued ambition of ZeroAvia and the support of Octopus Hydrogen, environmentalists and aviation enthusiasts alike have something to look forward to. This partnership will allow for ease of access to large amounts of green hydrogen that the aviation company requires in order to conduct testing, and ultimately implementation, of their HyFlyer II project. For ZeroAvia, access to large amounts of green hydrogen will be critical in reducing carbon emissions caused by aviation and it seems that Octopus Hydrogen is up to the task.