Vijay Eswaran On The Heights Of A Transformational Leader

Vijay Eswaran continues to create a legacy as an empowering leader exceptionally in the community. He is the founder and executive chairman of QI Group of companies. Over the years, he has continued to transform business through empowering others. He possesses articulate spoken skills that have helped create a profound niche in the community. He has extensively graced various platforms globally where he addressed multiple issues, including business and leadership.

Vijay Eswaran brought up his mother divulged other matters that make the community better. His focus has been on gender inequality and how company leaders can bridge the gap. The great leader has been on top of his ladder to urge entrepreneurs to empower economically and lead initiatives.

With many years of experience in the industry, has learned what makes a leader. Leadership is not all about acting but going the extra mile of care. He has particularly shown his love for the community through his philanthropic actions. The entrepreneur has supported many individuals through charities, education, and other ways. He has also been committed to helping other entrepreneurs follow the footprints of success.

Vijay Eswaran has found his interest in authoring. The exceptional visionary has embraced different topics that he extensively features in his work. He is the author of various books, including Sphere of Silence. Many have praised the book, which can be found in top leading stores, including Amazon.

As a business leader, the Malaysian entrepreneur has continued to invest in retail, financial services, and hospitality. He continues to scale in the industry in over thirty countries. The top leader is also behind the establishment of Quest International University. The mega project will cater to many students from various spheres of the globe.

His company culture is built on a solid foundation, especially on community development goals. The enthusiast has earned recognition from various platforms. He continues to be an inspirational leader in the community.

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