Trey Branham’s Winding Pathway as a Lawyer


Trey Branham is an American Lawyer based in Dallas, Texas. He works as a people representative at Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP. He is a partner and co-founder of the prestigious law firm. The firm has made conscious effort in creating spaces where the minority can get representation.

Trey Branham was raised by a single mother alongside two other siblings. Trey’s mother worked as a housekeeper and taught him the meaning of work ethic and hard work. He was able to set an example to his siblings by being the first to graduate from college. He first studied a bachelor’s degree in political science. Later on, Trey pursued a law degree from the University of South Carolina. He was able to graduate as high performing student.

Soon after graduation, Trey was accepted to work in a prestigious law firm. The firm was known for representing high ranking clientele within the United States. Trey Branham soon realized that his passion was in representing clients with no voice. He quit his job and moved on to work with firms that represented the minority.

Trey Branham represents similar clientele with different types of cases. His first type is employees. Trey had first-hand experience witnessing how his mother’s employee treated them. The employer ensured that their family’s needs were met and that his mother was paid well. Most of Trey’s clients have had unfair treatment from their employers. Their employers may have failed to recognize their rights and concentrated on profits. Trey focuses on giving such clients a voice.

Another type of clientele is those who have been negatively affected by decisions of large corporations. They may be employees or people residing within environments close to large firms. The firms may have used harsh materials to produce products that may indirectly or directly affect their clients. Trey represents such clients with the aim of ensuring that they are compensated for damages. His biggest regret is that he may not be able to reverse the negative damages.