The Rise of Richard Liu

Richard Liu, the CEO of and one of China’s richest men, has seen his wealth rise dramatically in recent years. This is due to a strong economy and smart business decisions that have led to massive growth for his company.

In fact, his company’s success has been so good that he was able to give back 1.4 billion renminbi (equivalent to about 200 million U.S dollars) in the form of a donation for flood relief efforts following the massive flooding in China earlier this year.

This wasn’t the first time that Liu had given away large sums of money for charity. Just one week before donating this $200 million, he donated roughly $14.8 million U.S. dollars to help female students attend college through an anonymous donation process that would allow them to remain anonymous if they so chose.

Before this donation, he pledged 1 billion renminbi, which was about $144 million U.S. dollars in early 2015, for flood relief following a massive landslide that killed at least 70 people and left about four missing in the Yunnan Province, China.

Liu is one of China’s elite members of the one-percenters. He has seen his wealth soar to about $10 billion U.S. dollars so far, and he is only 43 years old!

At this rate, it’s expected that he could be an even more outstanding philanthropist than fellow Chinese business mogul Pony Ma, the founder of Tencent Holdings. It has donated about $2 billion U.S. dollars for charity and relief efforts in China by the end of 2014.

Having a net worth of over $10 billion can undoubtedly make you one of the richest men in China. It certainly makes you quite able to donate millions or even billions of dollars for charity if so desired.

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