The Humble Beginnings of Richard Liu

liu qiangdong

Richard Liu is a renowned businessman and founder of Since the company got started in the year 2004, Richard has been the CEO and chairman. The company was formerly known as Jingdong, and 360buy Ltd. Liu is a Chinese citizen born and blend in Jiangsu province, Chan’an village. His village lacked social amenities, including electricity and running water.

Right from an early age, Richard had an innovative mind, and this got triggered by the challenges that he and his family were going through when he was growing up. Most of the time, he was left with his maternal grandmother when the parents left for work. It is from spending a lot of time with the grandmother that Richard learned to make the most available resources.

Richard Liu’s parents were descendants of wealthy Chinese merchants, but the family lost its wealth by the time Richard was born. Therefore, his parents brought him up while working as a rice farmer. Despite having a poor background, Liu had big dreams, including becoming the village head. This particular dream got inspired by the drive to ensure a fair distribution of resources to ensure that everyone, including the needy, was well fed.

With an optimism to explore the world and expand his view of the world, Richard targeted large cities when applying for a university. He performed excellently and secured a position to attend Renmin University. His fellow villagers contributed money for transport to Beijing as his family alone could not afford the cost.

Villagers who did not have money gave home foodstuff like eggs to eat on their way to the city while other foods could sustain him during his stay in the university. He self-educated himself about computer programming, which later became a lucrative endeavor. Richard has managed to develop one of the world’s most successful e-commerce sites today.