The Future of Innovation As Illustrated By Richard DeVaul

During his PhD studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, Richard DeVaul established a novel programming language for computational graphic design. He has afterwards been issued with approximately 70 United States patents.

Richard DeVaul is known for establishing and leading projects that have generated billions of dollars at X development, previously known as Google X. Through his experience in the engineering industry, he has become an innovation professional in cooperates, academic, and technical subject areas.

DeVaul seeks to help people recognize innovation leadership and turning it into a tool that can be used to develop a value for businesses and societies.

Richard DeVaul argues that innovation is achieved through the destruction of the existing order. From his experience as an innovation consultant, he has realized that most business owners and Chief Executive officers lack a comprehensive understanding of innovation. Richard DeVaul suggests that by understanding what innovation means, business owners and leaders can utilize this knowledge and come up with the perfect innovation strategies for their businesses. He believes that an organization’s structures must be reformulated and sacrifice existing opportunities to get behind innovations.

Many businesses and academic organizations recognize innovation as key to the future makes the word synonymous with success. Richard DeVaul highlights that various crucial factors should be considered and managed before materializing innovation strategies. He suggests that the initial stage of accomplishing innovation is understanding its meaning and determining the strategy and approach that work best for the desired innovation.

Richard DeVaul is an innovation professional with operational, executive, and engineering experience for over 30 years. He is an M.S and PhD graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab. He possesses excellent communication skills and strong math and applied physics background. He has published several articles regarding to innovation. Go here for related Information.


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