Seaworld: A place for people and animals to be together

SeaWorld is a place where people and animals can be together. SeaWorld has been around for 50 years, but it’s not just about SeaWorld. They are partnering with other organizations like Ocearch to research sharks! It launched its podcast series, which you can find by clicking here! Or if you want to know more about the recent oil spill in Orange County, it is ready to help out with animal rescue efforts there too! The place is also a great place to see Guy Harvey’s art. the place is more than just rides and animals; it’s a place where people can learn about the world around them. It i9s is committed to conservation and education, so make sure to visit them soon!

Orlando turns 33 this year, and one of its oldest residents, a penguin named Gus, has beaten cancer twice! According to WFLA News Channel Eight, Gus was first diagnosed with lymphoma in 2015, and he received treatment at their Hospital. Fortunately, Gus beat the disease once before it came back again this year! The team was determined to help Gus beat cancer a second time, and they were successfully able to do so after administering chemotherapy for about six months. They also have special discounts available right now during Halloween Time, plus plenty of other fun activities throughout the entire year. It is a great place to visit if you want to learn more about animals and the environment, so make sure to stop by soon! this establishment is more than just a place to see animals; they work hard to ensure the environment and conservation efforts are healthy for everyone. Seaworld Orlando’s 33rd anniversary will be celebrated next year! They have plenty of events planned like Senior Sunday, where seniors visit the place on Sundays and enjoy discounted ticket prices and free shows like Sesame Street Presents: Elmo Rocks! Sea world has been around for 50 years because they care about people and their animal friends alike.

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