Miki Agrawal Disrupting The Future of Industries

Miki Agrawal is an accomplished entrepreneur and successful businesswoman. She has also made waves as a writer and is most known for authoring various books, including Do Cool Shit and Disrupt-her. The individual prides herself in scouting viable opportunities integral in disrupting industries. Does the name Miki Agrawal click in your mind so far? Well, the entrepreneur has built a reputation worth emulating.


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She has accomplished impressive career feats and built a name for herself across several verticals. But yes, the business leader began her career in investment banking. In 2006, she quit her job and delved into disrupting the restaurant landscape by launching Wild.

Her resilience and determination saw her quickly make headlines in prominent publications after co-initiating Thinx. Thinx brought a new wave in the menstruation market by championing personal cleanliness. The company produced top-tier period panties that were machine-washable, odorless, and wicking. Under Miki Agrawal’s leadership, the company accomplished significant feats tackling the menstruation market. The individual ventured forth to launch TUSHY, to transform the archaic toilet paper landscape. The success of her companies clearly shows that individuals and society are wrong about countless things. Sure, the entrepreneur is versatile and driven to pull off massive success.

Moreover, her newest book Disrupt-her, highlights the mindset that has allowed her to identify lucrative business opportunities and daily practices. Miki Agrawal is committed to driving the world forward and away from societal boundaries. She hopes to encourage nearly everyone to play a crucial role in making the future better. The successful entrepreneur believes that disruption builds courage and stamping out shame. Equally, she notes that questioning every aspect of your life allows you to identify disruption. She acknowledges that her entrepreneurial journey has been sharpened by so much support from the community, leadership coaches, and partners.

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