Krishen Iyer, an Entrepreneur

Venturing in business is one of the best forms of investment you can consider. Krishen Iyer has become a common name in entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Investing in business has changed many people’s lives because it is not a short term investment, but a long term investment. Krishen Iyer was born in California. He went to San Diego University to pursue development and public administration. 


Keeping up on his academic background, after his graduation, he worked with several companies dealing with insurance marketing, where he gained some business skills. He, later on, formed his own managed benefits services company. He managed the company for a while and later on sold it to launch the MAIS Consulting services. Before coming up with a business idea, Krishen Iyer advice is that you must have identified a niche in the market and how to solve its related problems. That is what will make you have a market for your products and services. 

Krishen Iyer saw how desperate people were looking for insurance solutions. That is what motivated him to start the MAIS Company, to help provide solutions to insurance companies. His company is considered to be among the best companies that provide insurance solutions. To succeed in the market and attract more customers, you must provide the right and high-quality products. For Krishen Iyer, the success of the MAIS company is based on providing the right tools to various insurance companies. Their services are also of no doubt. They offer quality services to their customers. That continues to enable the company to attract more insurance companies to purchase their services.