Joseph Ashford Shares Tips for Making a Business Successful

K4 Global is one of the few multi-dimensional companies that have been able to find success within six years of its launch. The company was started by Joseph Ashford Ellis in 2014 as he was looking to pursue a non-traditional approach to entrepreneurship. Today, this London-based company runs various operations, from a media branch that deals with music and film to offering event management and global connectivity. Its operations cover Europe, Asia, and South America and is quickly expanding to other regions. Not so long ago, the K4 Global founder discussed his tips for making a business successful.

Having an excellent work-life balance

Joseph Ashford Ellis mentioned that he has come across many upcoming entrepreneurs who commit themselves to work for 18 hours daily in an effort to make their businesses successful. He said that he believes that is the wrong approach to chasing success as for anyone to be optimally productive at whatever they do, they need to have an excellent work-life balance. Joseph Ashford Ellis said that any professional needs to have a good rest if they wish to be productive in their work endeavors. He urged business leaders to also engage in extensive networking to pursue their work-life balance to further their success.


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Incorporating social responsibility into business activities

The London business leader added that it was also vital for a business to incorporate social responsibility into what it was doing. This means that the company should do its best to provide the best value to its customers, no matter the product or service. According to Joseph Ashford Ellis, this would allow the enterprise to stand out from the rest in its industry and win customer loyalty. He said that a company should also engage in social responsibility more directly by supporting courses bound to make society better. This includes supporting charity activities and protecting the environment.

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