Doe Deere – Taking the First Steps as an Entrepreneur

Times have changed. In the ester years, people would dream of completing school and getting good employment, earn a good salary and that is it. Then came these days when other than making a decent wage, one needs to find a side job to facilitate their income. Learn more:


However, smart people think beyond having a great side hassle and think of starting and running their businesses. Starting and running your business is a bold adventure, that needs thought and wisdom, and here, the founder, CEO of Lime Crime makeup, Doe Deere shares tips on how and what it takes to fire that bullet.


What is your passion?


As the saying goes, one who does what they are most passionate about for a living, they won’t even be working, so is the joy that you will experience when going about your daily work. Always find what you love doing, whatever lightens your heart and soul and surround yourself with people who will fan your flames for you to succeed


Face Your Problems Head On


No endeavor is without problems, no matter how successful it is. Especially if you are just starting up, things might be callousing that some people opt to quit. This is because it’s the high time that startups are bound to make a lot of mistakes and doomed to fall. Deere emphasizes on facing your problems head on and addressing all as they arise. Always analyze the advantages and disadvantages of every solution to a problem.


Remember to Learn From Others


With many successful entrepreneurs before you, most have had to grapple with the same problems as yours and came out successful. Be willing to get guidance and inspiration from them. Learn from even your employees as they have a broad wealth of wisdom that they can give you. Deere explains that listening attentively to the thoughts of some of her employees have placed here where she currently is.


Take Chances


Most people are afraid of taking the risk because they fear that they may fail. However, Deere explains that all risks should not be taken without proper preparation, foresight or blindly as this is a recipe to fail. One should not be blinded by fear to avoid taking chances even when they can. A successful entrepreneur is one who deals with obstacles when they arise, other than one who avoids risking altogether. Learn more:


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Grabs The Headlines By Being Named As The “Entrepreneur Of The Year In Finance In 2015” In Brazil

Luiz Carlos Trabuco recently cemented his status as one of the leading finance entrepreneurs in Brazil. With the billion dollar purchase of HSBC, Trabuco has successfully clawed back to the pinnacle of leadership within private banks, and ultimately became a force to reckon with. Surprisingly, Trabuco initial take over as the President of Bradesco was overwhelmingly met with stiff competition and criticism from pundits. After all, the bank had lost the lead to its main rival, Itau Unibanco and Carlos Trabuco had been mandated with restoring the bank’s former glory.

According to Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Leadership in itself should not be considered as a goal, but instead, an opportunity for leaders to perform the best duties in the areas they serve. Courtesy of an approval from the Board’s Chairman, Lazaro Brandao, Trabuco made the bold move of purchasing HSBC for a reasonable $5.2 billion in 2015. With such an impressive acquisition, Bradesco has undeniably flexed its muscle in the leadership of the private sector. According to analysts, the new acquisition has surpassed Itau Unibanco in terms of total investment funds, the number of account holders and the size of the branch network. More importantly, Bradesco is line to surpass its main rival in terms of loans granted, deposits and assets owned.

While addressing a congregation of journalists, Trabuco lauded the acquisition terming it as a strategic move that enable the company to achieve at once what would have taken it six years to realize through organic growth. Pending approval from the regulatory agencies, Trabuco was unanimously crowned as the “entrepreneur of the year in Finance” by DINHEIRO Magazine.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Background

Born in 1951 in native Marilia, Trabuco is a living embodiment of hard work pays, having overcome various obstacles to holding such a powerful position. Trabuco is an alumnus of the University of Sao Paulo with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. His initial interaction with the Bank began in 1969 as a low entry employee before scaling the corporate ladder to his current position. Having gained adequate experience, Trabuco was promoted to the managerial position which he confidently ran from 2003 to 2009 with poise and sophistication.

During his tenure, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is credited with contributing over 30% of the Bank’s profits to date. Additionally, Trabuco oversaw the renewal of leadership cadres by building networks with executives as well as forming a corporate university. Interesting enough, Trabuco single-handedly promoted efficiency and his one-man approach on strategy and plan of action significantly raised the Bank’s status among its peers.

Upon a closer review, the appointment of the President is unlike any other, with only the toughest and most competent making it into the next round. With over three decades’ worth of experience, Trabuco has proven to possess all the necessary qualities needed to successfully run the Bank as the President.

Current Market Statistics

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s appointment as President couldn’t have come at a difficult time especially with the unfavorable economic environment in Brazil. At the grass root level, economic development is rapidly declining with a resultant negative result on the balance sheets. According to verified statistics from Credit Suisse, Bradesco’s return to equity has been reported as 21.3% in 2009, compared to a much higher 23.4% in 2008.

However, such percentages are expected to radically improve in the next few months as the economy recovers from the current turmoil. In an up-close interview with Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the highly successful manager hardly exudes the aura commonly associated with most bankers. He is quite simple, calm and hardly encourages extravagant habits.

His impressive resume includes powerful positions as the executive director of Bradesco between 1992 and 1998, as well as serving as the Chief executive between 1999 and 2005.

Waiakea Water: Championing for Healthy, Sustainable and Ethical Drinking Water

Waiakea Water is dedicated to sustainable production, bottling, and shipping of their water. The company’s operations mirror the Hawaiian symbiotic relationship with their natural environment. Therefore, the company is dedicated to environmental conservation and protection. The bottles the company uses are made of recycled polyethylene terephtalate (RPET). Unlike the virgin bottles, RPET are post-consumer recycled and use less energy to manufacture and reduce carbon emission. They are also Bisphenol A (BPA) free.

Waiakea Water further ensures environmental protection by sourcing their water from the Kea’au Aquifer located at the base of Mauna Loa volcano. The aquifer collects water from snowmelt and rainwater brought about by the rich biodiversity in the area. To cut further on carbon emission, the company uses a low carbon emission shipping option. The company’s commitment towards the preservation of Hawaii’s biodiversity saw it awarded the CarbonNeutral® certification in 2012 by The CarbonNeutral Company. Waiakea Water has since actively engaged in reforestation initiatives to further its carbon emission and attain the CarbonNeutral Protocol status marked by net zero carbon emission. The company also uses renewable energy including geothermal for a third of its energy needs.

Company Profile: Waiakea Water

Since its founding in 2011, Waiakea Water has developed a reputation of selling one of the most in-demand drinking water brands. Its unique water purification process that relies on the natural purification power of volcanic rocks found in Hawaii sets it apart from the rest of competitors. This has propelled the company to greater operational heights. The company’s products and brand are not only recognizable nationally; Waiakea Water is now a global brand. It supplies its fast bottled water overseas where it has established a strong brand presence.

The privately held company is one of the leading brands within the niche market of volcanic bottled water. The company is dedicated to charitable activities with a significant portion of their finances donated to support causes catering for the water needs of the needy globally. Headquartered in Culver, California, Waiakea Water is a beverage company that specializes in healthy bottled water that contains all essential minerals and electrolytes. The company has both brick and mortar outlets and online services for order placement.

Norman Pattiz Announces Favorable Consumer Opinion on Podcastone Jumps to 60%

New research by Network’s Brand Lift Studies, conducted by Edison Research shows that Podcastone has a very favorable reception among the audio-on-demand programming consumers, says Podcastone Executive Chairman, Norman Pattiz. The research in the last half of 2016 indicates that the product awareness and willingness to buy Podcastone branded programs rose from 7% to over 60%.


According to Pattiz, the fact that over 60% of the interviewees could mention some specific Podcastone brand post campaign is proof of how effectively his company’s advertising techniques work. Backing the statement by Pattiz, Edison Research VP, Strategy Tom Webster, affirmed that the comprehensive studies focused on five main Podcastone national consumer brands, products, and services.


“The first-of-its-kind study by Edison Research showed the considerable positive impact of podcast advertising on brand recall, intent to purchase, and recall of specific messaging,” stated Tom Webster.


Norman Pattiz, while outlining the particular findings of the Edison Research, noted the following positive feedback:


  • Independent consumer Podcastone product awareness rose by 24% for lawn and garden products, 37 % for automobile aftermarket product, and 47% for financial services products.
  • The automobile aftermarket product specific campaign message improved by 60% while that of the casual dining restaurant brands was better by 76%.
  • Over 33% of interviewees returned a “very favorable” opinion on automobile aftermarket product, while only18% had similar views previously.
  • 22% of the respondents were “very likely” to start using a lawn and garden product, up from 16% in the pre-study.


Norman Pattiz on Podcastone’s Multi-Layered Advertising


While reflecting on the findings by Edison Research, Pattiz, who launched PodcastOne towards the end of 2012, was more than excited. “Our intention in carrying out the study in partnership with Edison Research was to independently find out the impact of podcast advertising,” says Pattiz. “These results confirm that our multi-tiered approach to integrated advertising and measurement work.”


Norman Pattiz, the founder and CEO of PodcastOne, is a man with over 40 years of experience in radio syndication, according to a four-page article in the Forbes magazine’s Global Change Makers in May 2016. Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One, the largest provider of news, sports, entertainment, talk, and traffic programming to the broadcast industry in America.


Pattiz has made Podcastone the leading producer and distributor of audio-on-demand programming. PodcastOne’s popular line-up of personalities and brands include Adam Carolla, Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Austin, Dan Patrick, Heather Dubrow, Larry King, and Chris Jericho. Other celebrities also on Podcastone include Penn Jillette, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Laura Ingraham, Dr. Drew and TheCHIVE, WNYC’s Radiolab, Freakonomics, and over 200 more of today’s most popular podcasts.



Wildlife Conservatuer Mark Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson grew up in-between the Australian states of New South Wales and Victoria. He moved with his father to Sydney when he was eight years old. He remembers vacationing to the outback on his friends ranches and spending time among Australia’s natural terrain and wildlife. Hutchinson’s love of the outback inspired him to develop and invest in the creation of an wildlife adventure company at a very young age. His spent time among Australia’s natural habitats and his trip to the continent of Africa gave him the experience and self-assurance to fulfill his dream of his adventuring business, Untamed. Learn more:


Untamed’s mission was to take individuals to the compelling force of nature’s uttermost stations. His time managing his adventure company forced him to noticed that no matter what type of economic background you came from, nature still had a very powerful influence on your individual soul. Spending time in urban settings, transitioning into a rural one had a very convincing impact. Untamed inevitably advanced into a much larger organization re-branded Avana. His dreams started to become reality faster than he had previously expected they would. Learn more:


Avana began with a considerable measure of ecological tourism and guide-preparing programs in cabins. The company began to receive greater arrangements and began including individual preparation programs. Hutchinson began to notice that the business was much becoming much bigger than he expected it was going to be. Learn more:


Overtime, Mark Hutchinson decided it was time to create the new wildlife association Wild Ark. A definitive objective for Wild Ark is to purchase, secure and reestablish as much biodiversity as could be expected, and fabricate feasible business on that land for the assurance and continuation of those biological communities. Hutchinson believes that large portion of the population has lost association with nature.


For him and his family’s well-being, he decided to life out his life and raise his family among nature. His home has easy access to both the sea and bushes. Hutchinson believes his whole family together can have a very influential impact on the conservation of the world’s wildlife as they themselves are also becoming involved with Mark’s Wild Ark company.


Success Academy is taking education to the next level.

Succes Academy is beginning to redefine what is possible in todays public education. There number one goal is to be able to build schools that help prove that children from all backgrounds can succeed in life and also college if they put their mind to it. Success Academy was founded in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz.


The academy has become known as being the biggest and highest-performing public school located in New York City. Moskowitz stated that they had seen where there were way to many children across the country that are stuck going to schools where they dont teach them how to read or write at a basic level. That is where Success Academy comes in. They hope that slowly, they can become the solution to this problem.


Of all the students that attend the academy 76% of them come from low income families, 8.5% of the students are current or former English Language Learners and 15% of the students are current and former special needs children. Right at the foundation of all the network’s success they are starting to mainly focus on being able to improve students literacy. Thats why when the new website was launched they included on there the network’s THINK Literacy curriculum.


Success academy is able to operate at a higher independance level than zoned schools due to the academy being authorized by the State University of New York’s Charter School Institute. The network has been able to grow from one school to becoming 40 schools in just a short decade. This makes Success Academy larger than 95 percent of school district across the country. There currently are no plans to expand Success Academy anywhere outside of New York City. There has been talk however, about expanding the network’s footprint further than America’s largest known school district.

Unique Eco-Friendly Destinations

Getting back to nature can be the perfect way to really unwind and reconnect with sight and sounds of nature and a chance to reflect on what the world’s wildlife should be and remain for generations to come. Below are a few of some really relaxing eco-conscious and conservation centered destinations.


Nurture Through Nature, an earth – friendly picturesque 33-acre retreat center located in Western Maine lakes and mountains region. The center offers you a chance to reconnect with your true self and mother nature. They are Maines first green certified retreat center. You can enjoy private hiking trails along fresh spring brooks leading to spectacular views of Mount Washington and the White Mountains National Forest. Your eco-adventure starts with your solar powered eco-cabin which amenities include a wood-burning stove, mountain pure drinking water is fresh from their well and cabins are dog-friendly. Learn more:


Stanford Inn-a eco-earth friendly Mendocino Resort is nestled on the Mendocino Coast hillside in California. It sits atop a meadow overlooking picturesque Mendocino Bay. Embodying the better part of the rugged Coast, this resort is a haven of beautiful gardens and wildlife giving you an opportunity to reconnect with nature. Guest rooms and suites are paneled in pine and redwood. The Ravens Restaurant on the site of the Inn was inspired by the Stanford’s Certified Organic Gardens and is nationally acclaimed for its unique gourmet plant-based cuisine. The resort and restaurant are the only sustainable eco-resort in the United States. The eco-resort is pet and family-friendly. specializes in romantic getaways and welcomes weddings and retreats.


More eco-friendly destinations are needed. To ensure we can enjoy the natural wonders of nature, one organization known for its efforts to preserve mother nature and educate people of the world’s wild places is Wild Ark.


Wild Ark is a team of passionate people on a mission to connect with today’s generation to get involved and take part in being eco-conscious towards the environment and support wildlife conservation to guarantee they are protected for future generations. They travel all over the world inspiring and giving hope that the planet can still be saved. Learn more:

Working with Securus Technologies to Make the Prison a Safer Work Environment

Keeping the inmates in line inside our prison is challenging enough, now add into the mix drugs and weapons and you can see how my job as a corrections officer is a matter of life and death. If an inmate takes the wrong drugs and has access to a weapon, every inmate, officer, visitor, contractor, and prison staff members are all in the line of fire.


To lessen the chances of the inmates having these violent outbursts, we put a strong police presence inside the visitor center. This is where guests are in close contact with the inmates and things could pass hands. Despite scans, x-rays, and body searches, things still get into the jail.


Securus Technologies was contracted to install a new inmate telephone call monitoring system in our prison, something we thought at the time would just be more of the same like the older system we had. Little did we know that we had access to possibly the greatest resource in our efforts to finally get the drug problem in our facility under control.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, is known around the country for his dedication and commitment to making the world safe. All of his Dallas-based employees all work towards that objective, and now we had them as a partner here in the jail to help curb our growing drug problem. Once me and my fellow officers learned how the LBS software worked, we were able to get right into taking the bull by the horns.


It wasn’t too long that we began to hear the inmates on the phone talking about how they would hide drugs in their cells. We heard one inmate talk about how his family needed to conceal the drugs before coming to jail. Each instance, we quickly took action to tighten up security.

Places To Visit In Napa As A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

The Napa Valley is a great destination for wine lovers as it has some of the best wine varieties in the world. However, there is much more to do in the region, and that is why it is such a popular tourist destination. A visit to the Napa Valley Historical Society will enable you to learn about the history of the region. The society collects physical pieces of the region’s past and holds informative lectures on Napa Valley’s history as well. The Napa Art Walk exhibition is a must-visit for anyone planning to tour the Napa Valley region. It features great pieces by artists from all over the country, and you can get yourself a souvenir at an affordable price.

Visit the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park for an amazing outdoor experience. Here, you will get to climb Mt. St. Helena and enjoy the beautiful scenery from the top. If you prefer to spend your time relaxing instead of taking part in energy-intensive activities, the Auberge Spa is the place to go to for a relaxing spa session. These are just a few of the things you can do while in the Napa Valley.

About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard offers anyone who is interested in making some extra cash the chance to do just that and have a great time while at it. If you are a wine lover, this is the perfect side hustle for you. But this is not to say that you have to be a wine lover to be a Traveling Vineyard wine guide. Anyone can do this job and you do not have to worry about not knowing much about wine as you will be trained and given all the advice you need to be able to do the job.


The Napa Valley is just one of the many places that Traveling Vineyard wine guides get to visit. Even if you are not a wine enthusiast, you can still have a great time traveling as a wine guide as there are many other things to do; your trip does not have to revolve around wine. Become a Traveling Vineyard wine guide and enjoy all these benefits and more.

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U.S. Money Reserve’s Gold Summit TV Program Is A Hit

U.S Money Reserve remains one of the top sellers of gold, silver, and precious metals. The Texas-based company is known for selling these precious metals in coin form. Coins bring with them numerous benefits including collectibility and decorative value. Of course, the potential for the coins to increase in value with the precious metals market makes them excellent options for certain investors.

U.S. Money Reserve has done a lot to raise awareness about the positives of coin investing — particularly gold coin investing — to attract the attention of those who may be looking for a new vehicle for their dollars. Recently, U.S. Money Reserve launched a brilliant new promotional endeavor that is sure to capture a lot of eyes and ears.

According to Crunchbase, U.S. Money Reserve has produced a direct response television show that features iconic talk show host Larry King. The title of the program is “2016 Gold Summit”. The title reflects the location the program was taped.

The 28-minute video was filmed at the 2016 Gold Summit in Los Angeles, California. Recorded for posterity, the program features news and insights that should be of great interest to any investor. The show features Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, and Philip N. Diehl, the current president of U.S. Money Reserve.

The program delved deeply into various topics related to the gold and precious metals market. Philip Diehl definitely is someone worth listening to on this subject. His leadership at U.S. Money Reserve led to a great emphasis being placed on customer service leading to many positive results. Diehl also oversaw the development of a fantastic new e-commerce site. U.S. Money Reserve’s e-commerce site truly is something to behold.

Diel’s various appearances on television and on podcasts are intriguing listening. Consider the 2016 Gold Summit to be another one of his “homerun” appearances.

Gold investors do need to watch this program and listen to someone such as Mr. Diehl. The gold and precious metal markets are never stagnant. Learning about the basics of gold and coin investing definitely is helpful as well. Diehl always does a solid job of covering introductory and unique material in his media appearances.