Doe Deere – Taking the First Steps as an Entrepreneur

Times have changed. In the ester years, people would dream of completing school and getting good employment, earn a good salary and that is it. Then came these days when other than making a decent wage, one needs to find a side job to facilitate their income. Learn more:


However, smart people think beyond having a great side hassle and think of starting and running their businesses. Starting and running your business is a bold adventure, that needs thought and wisdom, and here, the founder, CEO of Lime Crime makeup, Doe Deere shares tips on how and what it takes to fire that bullet.


What is your passion?


As the saying goes, one who does what they are most passionate about for a living, they won’t even be working, so is the joy that you will experience when going about your daily work. Always find what you love doing, whatever lightens your heart and soul and surround yourself with people who will fan your flames for you to succeed


Face Your Problems Head On


No endeavor is without problems, no matter how successful it is. Especially if you are just starting up, things might be callousing that some people opt to quit. This is because it’s the high time that startups are bound to make a lot of mistakes and doomed to fall. Deere emphasizes on facing your problems head on and addressing all as they arise. Always analyze the advantages and disadvantages of every solution to a problem.


Remember to Learn From Others


With many successful entrepreneurs before you, most have had to grapple with the same problems as yours and came out successful. Be willing to get guidance and inspiration from them. Learn from even your employees as they have a broad wealth of wisdom that they can give you. Deere explains that listening attentively to the thoughts of some of her employees have placed here where she currently is.


Take Chances


Most people are afraid of taking the risk because they fear that they may fail. However, Deere explains that all risks should not be taken without proper preparation, foresight or blindly as this is a recipe to fail. One should not be blinded by fear to avoid taking chances even when they can. A successful entrepreneur is one who deals with obstacles when they arise, other than one who avoids risking altogether. Learn more: