Working with Securus Technologies to Make the Prison a Safer Work Environment

Keeping the inmates in line inside our prison is challenging enough, now add into the mix drugs and weapons and you can see how my job as a corrections officer is a matter of life and death. If an inmate takes the wrong drugs and has access to a weapon, every inmate, officer, visitor, contractor, and prison staff members are all in the line of fire.


To lessen the chances of the inmates having these violent outbursts, we put a strong police presence inside the visitor center. This is where guests are in close contact with the inmates and things could pass hands. Despite scans, x-rays, and body searches, things still get into the jail.


Securus Technologies was contracted to install a new inmate telephone call monitoring system in our prison, something we thought at the time would just be more of the same like the older system we had. Little did we know that we had access to possibly the greatest resource in our efforts to finally get the drug problem in our facility under control.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, is known around the country for his dedication and commitment to making the world safe. All of his Dallas-based employees all work towards that objective, and now we had them as a partner here in the jail to help curb our growing drug problem. Once me and my fellow officers learned how the LBS software worked, we were able to get right into taking the bull by the horns.


It wasn’t too long that we began to hear the inmates on the phone talking about how they would hide drugs in their cells. We heard one inmate talk about how his family needed to conceal the drugs before coming to jail. Each instance, we quickly took action to tighten up security.