Success Academy is taking education to the next level.

Succes Academy is beginning to redefine what is possible in todays public education. There number one goal is to be able to build schools that help prove that children from all backgrounds can succeed in life and also college if they put their mind to it. Success Academy was founded in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz.


The academy has become known as being the biggest and highest-performing public school located in New York City. Moskowitz stated that they had seen where there were way to many children across the country that are stuck going to schools where they dont teach them how to read or write at a basic level. That is where Success Academy comes in. They hope that slowly, they can become the solution to this problem.


Of all the students that attend the academy 76% of them come from low income families, 8.5% of the students are current or former English Language Learners and 15% of the students are current and former special needs children. Right at the foundation of all the network’s success they are starting to mainly focus on being able to improve students literacy. Thats why when the new website was launched they included on there the network’s THINK Literacy curriculum.


Success academy is able to operate at a higher independance level than zoned schools due to the academy being authorized by the State University of New York’s Charter School Institute. The network has been able to grow from one school to becoming 40 schools in just a short decade. This makes Success Academy larger than 95 percent of school district across the country. There currently are no plans to expand Success Academy anywhere outside of New York City. There has been talk however, about expanding the network’s footprint further than America’s largest known school district.