U.S. Money Reserve’s Gold Summit TV Program Is A Hit

U.S Money Reserve remains one of the top sellers of gold, silver, and precious metals. The Texas-based company is known for selling these precious metals in coin form. Coins bring with them numerous benefits including collectibility and decorative value. Of course, the potential for the coins to increase in value with the precious metals market makes them excellent options for certain investors.

U.S. Money Reserve has done a lot to raise awareness about the positives of coin investing — particularly gold coin investing — to attract the attention of those who may be looking for a new vehicle for their dollars. Recently, U.S. Money Reserve launched a brilliant new promotional endeavor that is sure to capture a lot of eyes and ears.

According to Crunchbase, U.S. Money Reserve has produced a direct response television show that features iconic talk show host Larry King. The title of the program is “2016 Gold Summit”. The title reflects the location the program was taped.

The 28-minute video was filmed at the 2016 Gold Summit in Los Angeles, California. Recorded for posterity, the program features news and insights that should be of great interest to any investor. The show features Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, and Philip N. Diehl, the current president of U.S. Money Reserve.

The program delved deeply into various topics related to the gold and precious metals market. Philip Diehl definitely is someone worth listening to on this subject. His leadership at U.S. Money Reserve led to a great emphasis being placed on customer service leading to many positive results. Diehl also oversaw the development of a fantastic new e-commerce site. U.S. Money Reserve’s e-commerce site truly is something to behold.

Diel’s various appearances on television and on podcasts are intriguing listening. Consider the 2016 Gold Summit to be another one of his “homerun” appearances.

Gold investors do need to watch this program and listen to someone such as Mr. Diehl. The gold and precious metal markets are never stagnant. Learning about the basics of gold and coin investing definitely is helpful as well. Diehl always does a solid job of covering introductory and unique material in his media appearances.