Gregory Aziz And The Rise Of NRC

North America has always been home to some of the longest and most fully-loaded railcars in the world. A long tradition of railroad travel and freight has created several companies that serve this industry. One of the biggest companies in railcar manufacturing is National Steel Car located in Hamilton, Canada. This company was not always a big player, however. Thanks to the meticulous and innovative leadership over the past two decades by Gregory J Aziz, National Steel car has made it to the top of the industry.


Most of the success of this company can be attributed to Greg Aziz. When he purchased the company in 1994, Aziz did not quite know what he was getting into. National Steel Car had been owned and sold so many times in the 100 years since its founding that the company had a mixed and confused vision. Some previous owners wanted to focus on only tank cars, while others wanted to focus on producing cars cheaply to increase sales. Upper management and employees never knew what was expected of them, and these mixed messages led to mixed results.


Luckily, Greg Aziz was no stranger to putting companies back on the right path. Shortly after college, Aziz joined Affiliated Foods, a company that was owned by his family. There he was thrust into a business that was not functioning as efficiently as it could. Under his leadership, Gregory J Aziz helped to grow the company and pull in more suppliers and customers than ever before. When he left, Affiliated Foods was an international company that was selling foods to all corners of North America. Aziz would bring this knowledge and experience to National Steel Car later in his life.


One of the first things Aziz did when he assumed the CEO and Chairman position at National Steel Car was put cash into the business. He focused on capital projects and new initiatives to help build capacity at the plant and make more cars. He hired more workers, increasing their number from 600 to over 3,000 in just a few short years. He also increased production from 3,500 rail cars per year to over 12,000. Most importantly, Gregory J. Aziz put a message out to the world that NSC would now focus on safety, efficiency, and engineering to bring their customers the best cars on the rails.

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National Steel Car is now operating at revenues over $200 million per year. They sell cars to nearly every railroad in North America. All of this is thanks to the leadership of Greg Aziz.


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