A very common name in the business industry of Brazil is Roberto Santiago. For those who are involved in business in Brazil, Roberto is an inspiration if not a role model to many. He has taken advantage of the growing economy of Brazil over the years. Having said this, Roberto is the owner of the most popular and largest shopping mall in Brazil, The Manaira Shopping mall. This mall is a major contributor to Roberto’s popularity among the entrepreneurs and business persons in Brazil. The mall has over the years been helpful to the community as it provides the people with recreational, social and entertainment services. Santiago was born and raised in Joao Pessoa in the year 1958. He got his college education at Pio X-Marist College and later on qualified to go to the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. Here Roberto chose to study Business administration hence earning his first undergraduate degree.

After a good time, education-wise, in the university, Roberto acquired a working position at a décor manufacturing company, Café Santa Rosa. Although being employed was not his dream, Roberto worked here gaining business values and skills of being a good businessperson. After working at Café Santa Rosa, Roberto had made enough money to start his own company. He started a cartonnage company that dealt with the selling of self-manufactured cartons. He used his business skills and made sure his company was positively growing. Initially, the company started as a cartonnage manufacturer but it later on developed into manufacturing and selling of decorative products. Roberto’s business journey did not end here. He made a decision to venture into real estate owing to his dream of being a landowner. The idea of building a shopping mall came into existence while Roberto was in the real estate industry.

Santiago was determined to make a difference in the business industry of this area. Due to this determination, he saved enough money to build a world-class shopping mall. He was able to fulfil this in 1987 when the construction of the mall started. This lasted for two years, and by 1989, the mall was completed.

In the same year, the official launch of the mall took place with a lot of people anticipating its success. The mall set a bar so high that no other mall in Brazil has been to reach. Since that year it was opened, it has had a lot of transformations in terms of architecture to the building that is seen today. The mall carries several sections that meet the needs of the customers. These sections include game areas that accommodate every age, a food court that has a variety of foods and other entertainment areas. Roberto, being a chance taker, has opened another mall known as the Manaira Shopping mall which is quite a success up to now.


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