How Online Reviews Have Brought Greatness to Fabletics

Fabletics is one of the most popular fashion brands. It has a unique model that allows people to subscribe and get regular shipments of their favorite fashionable clothes. It already has over one million subscribers! Their secret lies in their leveraging the power of online reviews, also known as the owner of the crowd.


Reviews are important. They increase your revenue. For example, according to Yelp, just a half star increase in a rating caused restaurants to sell out nineteen percent more times. A one star increase in a rating led to a five to nine percent increase in revenue. This shows that ratings and reviews do have a direct impact on your sales and revenue. This will depend on your industry, but you can benefit from online reviews no matter which industry you are in.


Reviews also drive repeat customers. As mentioned, Fabletics has over one million subscribers. They have over thirty thousand reviews on Trustpilot alone, and their Trust Score is eight point two, a very high score. Fabletics made their reviews an integral part of their marketing strategy. They encourage customers to leave reviews, and they always reply to the reviews. This is important to Fabletics, as eighty five percent of their revenue comes from repeat customers. Of their new customers, seventeen percent are referred by existing paying members.


There are so many options out there for leveraging online reviews. You can get reviews on Yelp, one of the most popular review sites. Over twenty eight million people even have the Yelp app installed on their phone. Trustpilot is another popular review site, with over twenty thousand new reviewers coming to the site each day.


Fabletics also knows that customer reviews are a great way to get a feel for what their customers actually want. It is a way to get feedback on ways the company can improve. Many companies claim they care about their customers, but very few actually put themselves in the customers’ shoes and see how they can improve themselves.


Online reviews are trusted by consumers. In fact, eighty four percent of people say that they would trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a trusted friend or family member. This number goes up each year, according to a yearly study by Brightlocal. It is also common for people to search for reviews, with over fifty percent of people searching for online reviews on a regular basis, again a number that keeps going up each year.


Kate Hudson, the actress who starred in the film Almost Famous, may not have a formal business background, but she certainly knows how to run a business. She has been with the team at Fabletics since day one, and she has had a major impact on their growth rate. She has come up with strategies that helped them improve their conversion rates and marketing strategies. She helped them get a top rating with the BBB. Take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz to discover which clothes are best for you.