How SEC has Transformed Online Trading Academy through Financial Education

Online Trading Academy is an excellent institute offering Forex trading. However, it had to incorporate a third party to take over financial education. This move is a clear indication of how critical financial education is. The former chief economist of SEC has introduced a new trading platform covering analysis, education, and trading. Given his expertise in finance, he aspires to increase participation in the public market. However, financial education hasn’t been accessible to most individuals, a factor that affects their financial decisions. Backed by American University, Dr. Jeffrey Harris says that they ensure most individuals get financial education.

OTAs course materials are applicable economic theories that are similar to university-level investment. They use acceptable delivery methods and learning techniques valuable to the students and applicable to trading and investment in the long run. OTA provides their students with significant materials, which builds students’ confidence in the market if adhered to. The former chief economist insists that not all education is experimental. Thus students need to acquire practical education to develop their confidence when investing or making critical financial decisions.

Financial technology is a necessary skill that helps students to enhance learning and risk management. CliK, OTAs latest platform is user-centric. It uses the academy rules to focus on individual trade plans. The platform builds confidence in students by following appropriate steps to instill disciplined risk management. Traders are benefiting from CliK since it allows them to employ OTAs’ disciplined approach. It has significantly simplified and disciplined trading by automating the previous manual steps. This way, retailers and investors can focus on other vital factors such as economics, logic, and risk management on prospective trades. Traders can monitor their risk profile on individual trade prospects and avoid investing in risky businesses.

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