How Liu Qiangdong Overcame His Childhood Challenges to Become a Successful Businessman

Liu Qiangdong is one of the most successful business people that had a challenging childhood life but later succeeded in life. One of his most significant achievements was managing his small business effortlessly until it became one of the most valuable companies globally. Liu had a passion for succeeding in life. Qiangdong’s parents were successful business people who had invested in the transport industry. However, when he was growing up, his parents had lost all their wealth and started farming. However, farming was not generating enough money to provide Liu’s family with a decent life. Therefore he gave his undivided attention to his small stall business, ensuring that he did everything right to ensure that he did not fail like his previous business attempts.

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However, Qiangdong never allowed the challenges he faced when growing up to affect his vision of becoming successful. He performed excellently in his studies, including high school. As a result, he got a chance to study at the university, which was a significant achievement in his village. However, even though Liu Qiangdong grew up in a remote village, he knew that developed cities provided more learning opportunities. Therefore, Liu chose to study in some of the most developed cities in China at that time.

Liu Qiangdong was very organized in college, setting aside time for studies, assignments, and other academic activities. However, he still had some free time left, which he used to learn computer skills. At that time, computer programming skills were very marketable. Therefore, when Liu completed his computer programming lessons, he got a job immediately.

The job was a blessing in Qiangdong’s life because it enabled him to own gadgets he never thought he could have bought in his life. He even managed to find his parents a house and save a significant percentage of his salary, which he used to start the business that made him successful.

Liu used only a small amount of money to start the business, which later grew and became The company has gained a good reputation globally. Besides, it has brought Qiangdong respect around the world.