Georgette Mulheir Leads Haiti to Fight for Human Rights

In the modern world, modern slavery has affected many countries, especially Haiti, which has been in severe political crisis. It is unfortunate how people are mercilessly killed, trafficked and massacred. Georgette Mulheir, a global strategic advisor, has decided to lead the country out of the endemic political situation that the country is going through currently. The activist, Mulheir, is coordinating a democratic coalition of international human rights to defend Haiti from political stability.


Surprisingly, all these acts of inhumanity are a result of the Haiti government. The government, according to evidence, has been kidnaping people,killing them, especially people from those communities that oppose the government. The government has also been accused of engaging in corruption practices exploiting government resources. According to Georgette Mulheir, all these came when the Moise administration was planning to form a new constitution through a referendum. These worsened the matter against the current constitution. 

Even as different activists and organizations are trying to solve the worsening situation, there have not been established solutions to restore the country to normal functioning. However, a panel of experts has been formed from different organizations to chat the way forward and come up with solutions to end the worsening situation in Haiti. Some of these organizations include Yale Law School, International Human Rights Clinic, among others. Georgette Mulheir said that all the citizens wanted was to have their democracy back and have a peaceful transition of power. For global leaders and activists such as Georgette Mulheir, democracy is precious and must be fought for to have peace and stability in the Haitian country.