Gary McGaghey


Gary McGaghey is an American entrepreneur and Marketo, an enterprise software company that provides technology solutions to marketing needs.

His entrepreneurial career began in 1987 when he purchased a small, two-year company that produced computer animation products. The company expanded internationally and eventually went public in 1998 with more than $118 million in revenue. Learn more here

In 2000, he left the company and was hired as the Chief Solutions Officer for Constant Contact, an online marketing company.

Gary McGagheys’ invention of Constant Contact in 1997 was the first time an established public company acquired an entrepreneurial venture before going public. In 2012, Marketo raised $400 million in funding at a valuation of $1 billion.

In September 2016, he announced that he would be stepping down as CEO after ten years and was succeeded by Phil Fernandez.


  • Gary McGaghey said that his private equities expert and CFO at Williams Lea Tag, the head of a company, will have to know everything. He highlighted that there was a time when the top person in a company only had to learn about accounting. Companies are more prominent, and bigger businesses need more than just an accountant. He also added that the head of a company needs to know about accounting but also needs to know about the industry.
  • He said that the CFO must keep up with the trends in their industry to make sure the company stays on top. He also said that there would be the need to track where everyone is going and what everyone is doing so they can move with them and stay ahead of the game since An accountant cannot provide this knowledge.
  • He also insisted The CFO must also work with people and manage the people part of the business. The CFO will hire the people who work on numbers. The CFO must also make sure they are doing what they should be doing and keeping them on track. This is a tremendous job. It is not easy to manage people, especially in a company of this size.”