For Voice Actor Mark Hauser, It’s Imperative To Gain Insights Into The Roles He Plays

When asked in a recent IdeaMensch article where the idea for his career came from, voice actor Mark Hauser explained he’s always been interested in how actors can transport audiences to other worlds.
The American-born Hauser is now a resident of Montreal, Canada, and since 1996 he has been working as a voice and on-screen actor. Through the years, this talented actor has worked in a wide range of animated films and TV series, as well as lots of live-action TV shows. Onscreen, Mark Hauser has appeared with Jennifer Love Hewitt, Michael Madsen and many other leading actors, and he has been nominated for a Canadian Actra Award. Recently, Hauser portrayed a character in a new animated film from Netflix named “Sahara.” Extensively researching the characters he portrays is standard procedure for Hauser. By doing lots of online research, he is able to learn about the backgrounds and personalities of the characters. When a character he is portraying works at a specific job, Mark Hauser will learn all he can about that type of work, and sometimes he even visits actual job sites. Being an entrepreneur, Hauser looks for new opportunities everywhere he goes, and utilizes networking and word-of-mouth to remain aware of potential acting projects. Although there are plenty of high-tech reminder devices available these days, Mark Hauser still finds that writing a “To Do” list on a piece of paper helps to make him more productive. The tasks that he chooses do require ideas and effort, and he enjoys accomplishing the different tasks on the list. While he is indeed well-known as a talented voice actor, Mark Hauser is also very good at repairing mechanical objects. An area of special interest for him is repairing and rebuilding antique pinball machines.