Facts about Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is a renowned entrepreneur based in California. He is the Founder and CEO of MAIS Consulting that came to be in June 2020, which is a big deal in the insurance industry. Krishen Iyer attended San Diego State University where he studied Public Administration and Urban Development. Krishen Iyer began his career shortly after graduating from the institution working in the insurance sector. 


Krishen Iyer founded his very first company in 2009 known as MNP (Name My Premium), which was a huge success. He was very energetic and his brilliant ideas made him the CEO and founder of MBS (Managed Benefit Services). Krishen Iyer´s experience in the marketing and insurance sector saw him getting involved in the acquisition, development, and sale of a number of companies.


Successful CEO, businessman and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer is passionate about what he does and now leads his team at MAIS Consulting firm to offer his clients the best with top quality services. He believes that the success of his clients translates to his own together with his partners. Krishen Iyer deals with each client uniquely focusing on their distinct needs hence helping them achieve their goals. He is determined to be the top consultancy company in his region.

Krishen Iyer lives a balanced life indulging in social activities with family and friends. He believes in giving back to society considering himself a man of the people. Krishen Iyer puts his family first and strives to make them feel appreciated by not letting his work endeavors get in the way of him spending time with his family.