Eterneva’s Diamond Bereavement Products

Losing a loved one can be pretty devastating. Most people feel like part of them is lost when they experience loss. Nowadays, news about death is a conversation that people have accustomed to following the impact COVID-19 has had in our lives. However, imagine having a piece of your loved one that you can keep for eternity. Several companies have developed innovative ways to ensure that people can now own a part of their loved ones even after death. Among the companies that now offer bereavement products and services include Eterneva, an end-of-life company based in Austine.

The company was founded back in 2017 by Adelle Archer and Garrett Ozar, who first made the Eterneva diamond in honor of Tracey Kaufman, Archer’s mentor. The company is exclusively online-based. The company not only deals with human ashes conversion to diamonds but also pet hair. Some always feel attached to their pets, and such a loss can also be quite devastating.

To understand the operations of Eterneva, you have to check on their diamond processing procedure. Those who have their loved ones’ ashes or pet hair have to log into the company website. The colors and shapes of diamonds produced by this company from the ashes and hair are a variety. Clients who log into the company website first order a welcome kit. They then choose the color and shape from the selection and send their ashes to the company’s Austin-based labs. Clients then have to wait for several months, approximately seven to nine, before accessing their diamonds. However, the company ensures that its clients are kept up to speed on the entire process during the wait.

A high customer satisfaction rate has gets attributed to the exponential growth of this company. In addition, the company has implemented other marketing strategies, such as the use of TikTok to attract more audiences. Use of the platform has proved to be beneficial since the companies videos end up receiving as many as 6.8 million views.

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