The Humble Beginnings of Richard Liu

Richard Liu is a renowned businessman and founder of Since the company got started in the year 2004, Richard has been the CEO and chairman. The company was formerly known as Jingdong, and 360buy Ltd. Liu is a Chinese citizen born and blend in Jiangsu province, Chan’an village. His village lacked social amenities, including […]

Asot Michael´s Commitment to the Evolution of Antigua

Asot Michael was born on 21st December 1969. He is a third-generation leader in the Antiguan community. Asot Michael works to enhance residents’ lives through involvement in social-political. He focuses on creating an impressive experience from local politics, administration, and policy in Barbuda and Antigua. Currently, Asot Michael serves as a Member of Parliament in […]

Asot Michael and His Role in the Antigua Barbuda Government

Asot Anthony Michael was born in 1969 in Guadeloupe, an overseas region of France. Michael attended Barry University, graduated with Honors in Business Administration, and later studied for his MBA at the University of Miami. Asot Michael is currently serving as a Member of Parliament of Antigua Barbuda representing the Saint Peter Constituency. Before his […]

No Excuse Not To Go PosiGen Solar Now

PosiGen Solar is making it possible for anyone to afford solar for their home. With both lease and purchase options available, homeowners now have more freedom than ever to choose the best way to go solar. Purchase options at PosiGen offer financing plans available, as well. What more could you possibly need? Now is a […]

How SEC has Transformed Online Trading Academy through Financial Education

Online Trading Academy is an excellent institute offering Forex trading. However, it had to incorporate a third party to take over financial education. This move is a clear indication of how critical financial education is. The former chief economist of SEC has introduced a new trading platform covering analysis, education, and trading. Given his expertise […]

Fortress Investment Group: Home Delivery Wine Busines The Fall and Rise of Fortress Investment Group LLCs Soars a Profit of 68% as Lockdown Takes Its Course

Initially founded as a private firm, Fortress Investment Group in New York grew exponentially, with its private equity funds netting 39.7% seven years after its inception. Rob Kauffman, Executive Director at UBS; Wesley R. Edens, co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks and Randal A. Nardone, a managing director at UBS, spearheaded its successful real-estate investments and expanded […]

 Sujit Choudhry, Sumit Bisarya, Zoltan Barany, Richard Stacey Release SSR Document For Public Purchase

A team of four constitutional law experts led by Sujit Choudhry that has for the past several months analyzed, edited and compiled various cases studies has finally released the book for sell. Before the team placed the book on Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, Sujit Choudhry and friends used many resources to peruse through […]

The Future of Innovation As Illustrated By Richard DeVaul

During his PhD studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, Richard DeVaul established a novel programming language for computational graphic design. He has afterwards been issued with approximately 70 United States patents. Richard DeVaul is known for establishing and leading projects that have generated billions of dollars at X development, previously known as […]