Asot Michael´s Commitment to the Evolution of Antigua

Asot Michael was born on 21st December 1969. He is a third-generation leader in the Antiguan community. Asot Michael works to enhance residents’ lives through involvement in social-political. He focuses on creating an impressive experience from local politics, administration, and policy in Barbuda and Antigua. Currently, Asot Michael serves as a Member of Parliament in Barbuda and Antigua. Michael is amongst the key members of the Barbuda and Antigua labor party. Michael also has an interest in business apart from being active in politics. Michael acquired the basic knowledge required to lead his country’s people through studying abroad. 


Therefore, Michael studied for a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Barry. Michael also acquired an MBA at the Miami University Business School. His journey to serve the public started at Barbuda and Antigua, his native land. From 1995 to1997, Michael acquired an inaugural role to serve the public. The role was to be the Prime Minister’s Special Administration Assistant (Crunchbase). 


Between 1997 and 2000, Michael was given a bigger role at the prime minister’s office to serve as the Staff’s Chief. Undertaking leadership and senatorial roles at the government’s businesses sharpened Michael’s civic experiences and prior leadership knowledge. He undertook these tasks while at Barbuda and Antigua parliament. Asot Michael remained in this vital position for five years. While here, he championed the betterment, evolution, and growth of the Barbuda and Antigua residents. Additionally, he worked as a state minister at the prime minister’s office. 


While serving this role, Asot Michael was charged with supervising energy, insurance, communications, and public works. Throughout this period, Michael committed himself to the growth and development of Barbuda and Antigua. Michael was recognized as being among the creative and innovative leaders committed to the evolution of their nations. Therefore, this swiftly strengthened his reputation as a trusted political leader for Antigua & Barbuda. Asot Michael’s entrepreneurial skills have made him a strong advocate for some small businesses contributing largely to Antigua’s gross domestic product. His contributions are of high value. This value has brought positive changes to various sectors in Antigua. These sectors include but are not limited to public growth, tourism, and commerce.