Asot Michael and His Role in the Antigua Barbuda Government

Asot Anthony Michael was born in 1969 in Guadeloupe, an overseas region of France. Michael attended Barry University, graduated with Honors in Business Administration, and later studied for his MBA at the University of Miami. Asot Michael is currently serving as a Member of Parliament of Antigua Barbuda representing the Saint Peter Constituency. Before his current position, he served as the Special Administrative Assistant to the then Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda between 1995 and 1997. Asot Michael rose to the role of Chief of Staff in the same office between 1997 and 2000. Michael became the Senator and Leader of Government Business in the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda’s upper house. 


While in this position, as a successful politician, Asot Michael championed the evolution, growth, and betterment of Antigua and Barbuda’s residents. He served in an outstanding manner as the Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister. In this role, Asot Michael was in charge of Insurance, Energy, Communication, Public Works, and the St. Johns Development Corporation. He later served as a Minister for the same departments from 2001 to 2003. 


His role as Minister of Government saw him lead successful government negotiations allowing for major investments, projects and programs. Asot Michael  has gained a reputation as an innovative leader and an implementer of projects contributing to public infrastructure. Asot Michael has attributed his concern for his constituents to his family background. He speaks on how his father sacrificed his business in the 1970s in support of ABLP. Asot has, over the years, advocated for small businesses of Antigua. 

His contributions have led to positive changes in tourism, public growth, and local commerce. He has the vision to modernize the physical infrastructure of residential and commercial properties in his constituency. He hopes to create more economic and employment opportunities by establishing a foundation for investment in the tourism sector. Asot Michael also hopes to create eco-village communities using renewable energy to attract tourists to Antigua and Barbuda. Asot Michael has remained committed over the years to leading Antigua and Barbuda through an evolution. He is a patriot and a community leader dedicated to the growth of his country.