Alejandro Betancourt, the Mastermind Behind Hawker’s Success

Hawkers is something to make noise about as their success story makes the news. Experienced investor and President of Hawker’s Company, Alejandro Betancourt has followed his instincts to help bring Hawkers the success they are now so proud of. If you haven’t heard, Hawker’s is the company that stands behind its fashionable sunglasses and contact lenses. It is the company who sells the sunglasses you see advertised on Facebook and Instagram. It is the company that is more interested in giving their customers a great deal rather than making a huge profit for themselves.

Alejandro Betancourt has a secret to his success. As an investor he knew that high value and low prices was what the younger generation was looking for. He also knew that in order to reach them, social media was the way to go. By sharing their product on Facebook and Instagram, Hawker’s Company saw sales soar to where, in a short 2 year period of time, their revenue topped out at over $100 million a year.

Alejandro Betancourt pulled in investors so that Hawkers could fund their offices worldwide. In 50 different countries, they are able to faithfully serve customers all over the world. They are able to keep their overhead low, thus enabling them to offer quality product for a low cost. They take their customers seriously by bringing important listening skills to the table. By doing this, the company has been able to expand their line of eye wear to include contact lenses that protect the eyes from the sun.

Alejandro Betancourt has learned some lessons in life. He believes in honoring employees for their hard work. He knows the importance of putting together a reliable team, and he says that he himself learned that if you fail, don’t give up, get back up.

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